The Ukonniemi arena provides versatile facilities for various sports. See below for details on sport-specific information.

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The arena has a five-track straight track for athletes, a long jump point and a throwing field. In addition, there is a 300 metre running track around the field. The running tracks are also ideal for warming up or other activities.


The football field is a playing field that meets international specifications. The total length of the field is 115 x 75 metres and its maximum height is 23 metres. The arena has hosted top level Finnish competitions, Finnish and international junior tournaments, and football camps.

Finnish baseball

The arena has fields for official Finnish baseball matches for men and women, and juniors can also play on the crosswise fields. The arena has hosted several tournaments and camps for Finnish baseball and the Finnish championships for indoor Finnish baseball.


The arena's length, height and indirect lighting make it excellent for golf practice in the winter. The arena provides facilities for general practice, longer swings, putting and other auxiliary training for golf.

Disc golf

The arena also provides baskets and discs for disc golf. The conditions at the arena make it ideal for active hobbyists and competitions.

Other events

The arena can also be used for sports such as Nordic walking, boccia, eco-shooting, and badminton, for example. Equipment at the arena also includes barbells and weights.

In addition, various public events have been organised at the arena, such as dog shows and concerts.