The Ukonniemi arena, which was completed in November 2012 in Imatra, is the largest indoor training arena in Southeast Finland. The arena offers versatile facilities, especially for training and competing in summer sports during the winter. The arena includes a full-scale football field that meets international specifications, fields for women's and men's Finnish baseball, athletics equipment, and a running track. The facilities are also ideal for organising various major events.

Facilities and specifications

The heart of the Ukonniemi arena is a full-length artificial turf field. The field can be rented in halves or as a whole. The straight track can also be rented separately.

Training conditions

The modern and well-lit arena is perfect for hosting professional tournaments, camps, and competitions of different sports. Some of the events organised at the arena include national football skills competitions, dog shows and other major events.

Ukonniemi testing center

The Ukonniemi testing center offers services to private individuals and groups. The testing services are intended for people exercising for fitness as well as top athletes of different sports.

Saimaa Sport

Saimaa Sport is located at the ice hall end of the Ukonniemi arena. It is a full-service ski shop that provides skis, poles, boots, skiing clothes and creams as well as ski maintenance services. Saimaa Sport also serves as a customer service point for the first snow ski track.