Tests are performed with the Flex measuring equipment that is also intended for practice sessions. The equipment and strength measurement can be used to find optimal effect areas for power training. The equipment is used around the world in sports clubs and by coaches and university-level sports research, and has been validated by the Australian Institute of Sports. 

The Flex measurement device is attached to the end of a barbell to provide real-time results on motion speed, power, and barbell movement and path for each execution.  The equipment can be used to measure this information for all the most common lifting movements.


  • Measurement of selected lift or lifting movement

Before the test

  • Written instructions for preparing for the test are given in advance after booking the test  

The test site is the Ukonniemi arena, but the equipment can also be moved if necessary. Test duration for a group of 10 people is 60 minutes. Price €10/person, minimum charge €50.