The Grow up as an athlete test set is a versatility test for young athletes. The test helps young athletes recognise their strengths and development challenges in diverse physical skills. The test measures speed, explosive strength, mobility, muscular strength and endurance.


  • 50 m running from standing position
  • 5 leaps with 2-stride run-up
  • 2 kg medicine ball toss forward
  • Press-up endurance
  • Seated straddle forward bend
  • Endurance shuttle run

Before the test

  • Written instructions for preparing for the test are given in advance after booking the test.

After the test

  • Result form with basic test information and result.

The test site is the Ukonniemi arena, or the equipment can be moved if necessary.  Test duration for a group of 20 people about 2 hours.  Price €100/h.