The body composition test is performed with InBody 770. The measurement method is based on the conductivity of electricity in the human body. The equipment can be used to measure aspects such as body fat and muscle mass ratio, visceral fats, muscle distribution, or possible body asymmetry. The measurement is recommended for monitoring training, including initial and final measurements. Measurement results can be used in lifestyle counselling and as part of purposeful coaching. The measurement can be performed on a person who does not have a pacemaker, large limb prostheses or metal in their body, or a person who is pregnant. As a rule, the measurement is performed while in underwear.

Before the test

  • Avoid heavy meals 3 hours before the test and exercise 24 hours before the test

After the test

  • The test produces an A4 printout. The test results are reviewed with the test subject after the test

The test site is the Ukonniemi arena, or the equipment can be moved if necessary. The test takes approximately 3 minutes, feedback takes about 12 minutes. Price €30/person