Maximum speed tests measure the athletes' ability to cross a predetermined distance as quickly as possible. Agility tests include performing various selected agility tests that measure the athlete’s ability to accelerate, decelerate and change direction as quickly as possible. We can perform agility and running speed tests matching different sports. The test is performed with Fitlight light elements.

Fitlight Trainer is a LED element system that suits many purposes. It is an optimal tool for carrying out versatile exercises and tests for practicing/testing sport-specific reaction and observation capabilities. The Fitlight Trainer equipment includes eight light elements that are controlled via a tablet. The system is wireless and has a range of approximately 50 meters. Using a tablet, the light elements can be programmed to provide various light and audio signals, and only the sky's the limit on the kinds of exercises or tests you can create. In addition to all classic training light exercises, the Fitlight lights are suitable for many different types of tests. The basic package includes eight lights to create various test tracks.

With Fitlight Trainer, you can carry out the following sports tests:

  • With splits and final time, e.g. 10m, 20m, 30m, (customisable distances)
  • Agility track, “figure eight track”
  • T-test

Before the test

  • Written instructions for preparing for the test are given in advance after booking the test

After the test

  • Result form with basic test information and result

The test site is the Ukonniemi arena, but the equipment can also be moved if necessary.
Test duration for a group of 20 people varies from 30 to 60 minutes. Price €10/person, minimum charge €50