Vertical jump is used to test explosive strength output capacity in the lower body.  Vertical jumps can also be performed with additional weights. The test is performed using the OptoJump equipment. Optical sensors allow tests to be performed on a sport-specific surface. The basic system (1m) includes the transmitter and receiver units between which the tests are carried out.

The measurement data can be synchronised with video footage to introduce a qualitative component for analysing performance technique.


  • Static jump
  • Countermovement jump
  • Drop jump
  • 15/30 s jumps
  • Single foot jumps

Before the test

  • Written instructions for preparing for the test are given in advance after booking the test

Testin jälkeen 

  • Result form with basic test information and result

The test site is the Ukonniemi arena, but the equipment can also be moved if necessary.

Test duration for a group of 20 people varies from 30 to 60 minutes. Price €10/person, minimum charge €50.